At AGIC Energy, we offer quality, reliable and cost effective solutions to a problem that no one should face.


PV Parks: We identify the need of the client, we analyze the applicable solution for this need, then we proceed to recommend solutions, our solution approach is broken down
into two tiers: AGIC Energy Consulting for large utility scale projects, handling the pre-development to post-development phase of the project.

eolic energy

Renewable Energy Solutions: Our company offers various patented solutions for the DC energy space, with our CHONGO DC technology backed solutions and our
Solarsynthesis product brands we strive to offer the best and reliable renewable energy solutions to the renewable energy space.

PAY-AS-YOU-GO: Our company offers an easy and flexible way of owning our solutions without the hardship and inconvenience of upfront cost. Our Energy as a Service group will engage the clients and define the best package for the client based on our variety of offers. With the use of CHONGO AI mobile App, our clients can log on to their individualized portals on our app and specify our they want their service to be delivered under our pay-as-you-go terms.

Let's Work Together!

Our company strives to formulate succinct and measurable growth plans, rooted in a diligent vision of becoming a global leader in the independent renewable energy sector.