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At AGIC Energy, we offer quality, reliable and cost effective solutions to a problem that no one should face.


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DC Products lines: Our end-user comfort DC product line stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to seamlessly integrate renewable energy into the daily lives of individuals, fostering a greener and more sustainable future for the planet. Whether it’s solar-powered home appliances, energy-efficient lighting, or cutting-edge DC-powered devices, we empower individuals to embrace sustainability without compromising on convenience or performance.


At the forefront of the DC energy space, we provide a range of patented solutions. Leveraging our Chongo DC technology and brand and the Solarsynthesis Chongo DC product brands, we strive to deliver the best and most reliable renewable energy solutions. Our dedication extends beyond innovation; it’s a promise to contribute to the advancement of the renewable energy sector.

PV Parks: We specialize in crafting expansive solar energy installations utilizing state-of-the-art photovoltaic (PV) panels. Our large-scale solar parks, ranging from megawatts to gigawatts in capacity, harness the sun’s power to generate electricity efficiently. Strategically located and leveraging available land resources, our installations stand as pioneers in sustainable energy solutions. At this moment we have the record of developing the biggest solar park in the Caribbean. 

Our vast experience and positive record, In close collaboration with AGIC Energy Consulting, our dedicated sister company, we manage every aspect of large-scale utility projects, from pre-development to post-development phases. Conducting thorough location studies, identifying client needs, and recommending tailored solutions, we seamlessly handle permits and oversee project creation. Whether feeding electricity directly into the grid or powering off-grid applications like data centers and industrial facilities, PV Parks is your partner in advancing a cleaner, more energy-efficient future.

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Renewable Energy Solutions: Our company offers various patented solutions for the DC energy space, with our CHONGO DC technology backed solutions and our
Solarsynthesis product brands we strive to offer the best and reliable renewable energy solutions to the renewable energy space.

PAY-AS-YOU-GO: Our company offers an easy and flexible way of owning our solutions without the hardship and inconvenience of upfront cost. Our Energy as a Service group will engage the clients and define the best package for the client based on our variety of offers. With the use of CHONGO AI mobile App, our clients can log on to their individualized portals on our app and specify if they want their service to be delivered under our pay-as-you-go terms.

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large-scale DC Products

Large-Scale DC products: Solar and wind power solutions with batteries and inverters with the biggest capacity in the market, to satisfy the needs of communities, industries, solar parks and organizations, facilitating all the DC energy storage they can need.

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AGIC Energy will be showcasing their products at the HD Expo + Conference, which is the largest single destination for hospitality product discovery in the U.S. It’s where buyers find the products to bring their projects to life. We hope to see you there!


April 30th - May 2nd

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