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Renewable Energy Developers

Welcome to AGIC Energy. Our goal, then and now, is to provide quality, on time projects.

AGIC Energy is an independent renewable energy research, developer and energy as a service provider company with its head office in San Diego California USA, we drive innovation in clean energy. AGIC and its affiliated partner companies develop, own, and operate medium to large-scale renewable energy generation and storage facilities globally.

Including project development, renewable energy solution products and offering of energy as a service to off grid and remote locations or to all users in general. We handle everything from start to finish, from the concept phase, power generation, operation and business model.

Our Three Pillars

Clean Energy

Energy derived from sustainable sources, like sunlight, with minimal impact on the environment.

agic renewable power

Renewable Power

Electricity generated from sources that naturally replenish themselves, ensuring a continuous supply of energy without depleting finite resources.

agic clean power storage

Clean Power Storage

Innovative technologies and systems designed to store surplus energy from renewable sources, ensuring a stable
and eco-friendly energy supply.

Our goal, then and now, is to provide quality, on time projects


North America

West & Central Africa

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South & East Africa

Central America & The Caribbean

Europe, The Middle East & North Africa

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Featured Event

HD Expo + Conference

AGIC Energy will be showcasing their products at the HD Expo + Conference, which is the largest single destination for hospitality product discovery in the U.S. It’s where buyers find the products to bring their projects to life. We hope to see you there!


April 30th - May 2nd

Hd expo and conference show








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Our company strives to formulate succinct and measurable growth plans, rooted in a diligent vision of becoming a global leader in the independent renewable energy sector.