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A side from our utility scale focus project in the African continent, AGIC Energy West Africa, Nigeria Ltd also offers small to medium scale solar solutions for qualified clients in the Nigerian market. We enable our clients to deploy solar power with less headache and complexity. Once we have determined the exact need of a client, we propose several applicable options based on what the clients ultimate goal and objectives are. With the erratic power supply offering in most African countries and the high cost of fuel to power generators, the solar option is becoming more appealing and affordable to most energy consumers.

What Are My Options?
Due to the dynamic of the credit market in Africa, we have developed a way to accommodate our various clients based on their immediate need and credit scenario. Most clients automatically qualify for our solar renewable solution, you can lease a solar system installed by one of our expert integrator with either a prepaid or monthly payment option, you get financing to purchase your solar system, or pay cash to purchase your system outright. Every option has benefits, but at AGIC Energy the choice is yours and we do everything we can to accommodate you with the option that best fits your needs and your goals, it is very important for our clients to know that AGIC Energy provides the best one source solution that allows them the desired savings.

Private Power Purchase Agreement Plan

This popular and low risk, high return purchase agreement allows you to set a power purchase condition & terms for up to 5 years of electricity usage tariff, renewable every 5 years and only adjustable to reflect inflation and other commercial conditions at agreed up front at an incredibly low rate, giving you the benefits of owning the energy our solar system generates without actually owning the system. 

Lean towards Power Purchase for:

· Up to 15 years Production Guarantee of uninterruptable energy supply
· 15 year bumper to bumper warranty, including inverter replacement
· Easy transfer to incoming owner during sale of the home or structure
· Payment option as agreed on the purchase agreement (based on credit)
· Buyout Options, only available during the first 3 years of service
· A verifiable credit profile will be needed. 

Buy Your System 100%


Why break the bank when you really want the power our system produces and you have a steady income? If this sounds like you, a low monthly fixed payment for a fixed duration may be your right fit. When you take up this plan,, you see immediate savings with 40% up front costs and monthly payments typically spread through a period of 2 years. With this plan you use all the energy you can for a set monthly fee.

The process is less complicated and direct to the point of:

· The amount of solar energy capacity that is needed
· The amount of usable space available for the installation
· The price is set via term agreement
· Agreement is signed & you start enjoying your renewable energy and savings
· You can switch to any other of our plans with 3 months notice to us
· 40% upfront payments needed with direct payment withdrawal set up
· Use all the energy we generate for a fixed monthly payment amount for affixed duration. 


For homeowners & businesses who want to own the energy they create, financing a system to own, or a cash purchase, has great financial benefits and can result in an immediate increase in the value of your property. This is a situation where homeowners & businesses wants to pay 100% o the cost of installation. The client is allowed to pay a specific percentage (%) upfront before installation and pay the remaining immediately after the installation.

Benefits of buying:

· Slightly more maintenance than a outright A, potential to replace inverter
· Performance Guarantee by Manufacturer
· 10 years warranty for installation through contractor
· Responsible for certain labor costs if they arise after 10 years warranty
· Panels Warranty for 15 years
· Own the solar system outright with no strings attached for up to 15 years.

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